About Us

Our Mission

“To welcome individuals and groups, to respond to their needs by providing connections to supports and services”

Our Role in the Community

The Bundaberg & District Neighbourhood Centre (BNC) serves the community by acting as a hub for information, advice, and referrals for those needing a range of support services.

Our direct services and interagency connections ensure we are able to provide comprehensive support services.

History of the Bundaberg & District Neighbourhood Centre

The BNC was initially established under the auspice of Lifeline in 1989. The centre was officially opened on the 8th August that year by Hon. Craig Sherrin, Minister for Family Services, alongside the project’s local energiser, Rev. Rob Evans of Lifeline.

Although under the auspice of Lifeline, the centre operated with its own committee and was considered to be its own entity in principle.

Having become established as a vital community service, on the 23rd July,1992, the BNC became incorporated in its own right and officially became an independent entity.

Continuing the Traditions of Kenalwyn House

Kenalwyn House, 111 Targo Street, Bundaberg, has had just five owners throughout its history, all of whom have been active members of the community. It has served as a home, hospital, semi-flats, and a community hub.

The name ‘Kenalwyn’ originates from the period 1940-1980 when the home was owned by the Heaps family.

Violet Heaps was Violet Kendall (from the family of settlers after whom Kendall Flats is named) before marrying J.B Heaps. Her parents had a beach cottage at Bargara which they named ‘Kenwyn’ to recognize its significance as a sharing place for the extended Kendall family.

When J.B and Violet purchased the home at 111 Targo St., they added the ‘al’ for ‘all’ to ‘Kenwyn’ and named it ‘Kenalwyn’ – a sharing place for all.

Records from the family show that the home was not only their residence and a warehouse for their pharmacy business, but also a meeting place serving the community by hosting clients, visiting clergy, and social welfare activities.

Since 1989, the BNC has continued to ensure that ‘Kenalwyn’ has remained a place where all members of the community feel welcome and valued.