We held a very successful free Cultural Intelligence Training workshop yesterday.

This was held with Maria Edubas-Callaghan from Carers Queensland, and was a hit with all who attended.

Thanks to Maria and all the participants for showing such enthusiasm and eagerness to share and learn about other cultures.

Everyone has a cultural reference point from which they view the world, and it’s not always the same as yours.

Over one in four people in the Wide Bay were either born overseas, or their parents were. Another 4% identify with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. That means we live in a modern world where cultural intelligence is really important in everyday life if we want to get the most out of human interactions with colleagues, clients, friends and everybody else we bump into.

The important thing is to be respectful that we don’t all see things from the same perspective. Curiosity and a willingness to understand our differences is a great attitude to have as a culturally intelligent member of our community. Nobody knows everything about all cultures.

If you meet someone from a different culture to your own today, ( and you definitely will) , greet them with a smile and start a conversation. You may have much more in common than you think!